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Archives of Manitoba:

The services performed by the Provincial Archives of Manitoba involve the preservation of Manitoba records from provincial and local governments, courts of law, school authorities, businesses, organizations, and individuals.

The Provincial Archives is also responsible for the preservation of the records of the Hudson's Bay Company reflecting its operations across the northern hemisphere and around the world since its establishment in London, England, in 1670.

Access to information recorded in all formats, including photographs, architectural plans, letters, reports, maps, diaries, court documents, electronic data, film, video, sound, posters, sketches, field logs, documentary art, and more.

The Provincial Archives provides services for copying of documents for public or personal research and publication.
The Provincial Archives provides advice to persons and organizations interested in:

  • Finding information
  • Managing current records
  • Researching family history
  • Conserving documents
  • Establishing archives
  • Creating oral sources
  • Microfilming records


Heritage Winnipeg:


University of Manitoba Archives - Special Collections:

Archives & Special Collections is a department of the University of Manitoba Libraries, and is located in Room 331 of the Elizabeth Dafoe Library. Since its establishment in 1978, the department's mission has been to acquire, catalogue and preserve university records and special research collections which further the educational aims of the University of Manitoba, and to promote and provide wide access to them.

The UofM Archives is home to the Winnipeg Tribune Collection. This valuable collection of newspaper photographs holds over 250 images of Winnipeg heritage buildings. These images were made available for digitization and archival in the Heritage Winnipeg Virtual Library/Illustrated Guide.


City of Winnipeg Archives:

Researcher Services Archives' staff can assist researchers searching for information relating to Winnipeg's social, cultural, economic and environmental history and development.

Our Collection The Archives has over 7,000 meters of material, including photographs and other records that document the functions and activities of the City and amalgamated municipalities since 1874.
History of 380 William Avenue Construction of the building that now houses the Archives began in 1903 with financial assistance from American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

Records Management Services The Archives administers the City's corporate Records Management program, which offers records advisory services, training and low cost records storage to City departments.


Downtown Winnipeg BIZ:


Exchange District BIZ:


Historic Buildings List:


Learning Materials :


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