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St. Boniface

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St. Boniface City Hall

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The town of St. Boniface grew from a small settlement on the east bank of the Red River into a vibrant town that shared in Winnipeg’s boom at the turn of the century. St. Boniface grew rapidly, deserving in 1905, of a new City Hall. Architect Victor Horwood, with the William Grace Co. as contractors designed the structure.

Established French-speaking firms competed for the design, and the choice of an “outsider” was not a popular decision. The sub-contracting of the plumbing and heating to the firm of Dallaire and Daoust went a long way to smoothing ruffled feathers.





Winnipeg Map
St. Boniface Winnipeg Map


Year Built Heritage Status Date Material Floors/Square footage
1905 NA Solid brick with stone sills and lintels NA

Original Use Present Use Address Architect
City Hall Municipal Offices 219 Boulevard Provencher Victor Horwood


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