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Confederation Life Building

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The Toronto-based Confederation Life Company began its operations in Winnipeg in 1879, growing to occupy its own building by 1890. By 1912 it was inadequate for such a large and prestigious enterprise. Constructed in 1912 during a period of rapid urban expansion, the Confederation Life Building is one of the city’s finest skyscrapers.

Designed by architect J. Wilson Gray of Toronto, the buildings’ unique appearance is a curved façade that follows a bend in Main Street.  The ten storeys of steel and concrete are sheathed in white terra cotta and a base of polished granite, the structure is divided into three sections of a base containing the ground and mezzanine floor, the mid-section of offices set behind piers and large windows, and the attic cornice.






Year Built Heritage Status Date Material Floors/Square footage
1912 NHS, Municipal, 1980, grade II

Granite base, curved façade encased in white terra-cotta, projecting cornice, steel and concrete construction.

10 storeys/52,591 total floor space

Original Use Present Use Address Architect

Insurance company offices

Office space 457 Main Street J. Wilson Gray





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