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Ashdown Hardware Store
(Crocus Building)

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In 1870 J.H. Ashdown purchased two lots on the corner of Main Street and Bannatyne Avenue. This location would be the home of the Ashdown retail store for over one hundred years. Capitalizing on the prairie settlement boom, Ashdown used innovative marketing to establish stores and warehouses in the four western provinces.

Relocating to Main and Bannatyne in 1871, the original Ashdown store burned down in 1904. Retaining a new foundation that had recently been installed, Russell quickly built two replacement storeys so that Ashdown would not miss the Christmas season. In 1905, an additional four storeys were built. American contractors William and Grace and a Winnipeg partnership including Davidson Brothers were responsible for construction at a cost of $110,000.







Year Built Heritage Status Date Material Floors/Square footage
1904-1905 Municipal, 1980, grade III

Original had red brick, limestone, and terra-cotta trim, steel and wood construction, offices on upper floors.

6 storeys/64,470 total floor space

Original Use Present Use Address Architect

Retail and wholesale trade.

Office space 476 Main Street J.H.G. Russell, 1904; Moody and Moore, 1959.





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